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On the official Cracker Barrel website,, you may take the Cracker Barrel Survey to share your thoughts about your most recent visit to one of their locations. It will only take you ten minutes to complete this survey, and it allows you to be completely honest. In addition, simply by taking part, you may be entered to win some fantastic goodies!

All you have to do to participate is think back on your most recent trip to Cracker Barrel and respond to a few questions about it. The poll asks on your entire experience as well as the cuisine, atmosphere, and service you experienced. Every response will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Cracker Barrel Survey

This is a fantastic method for customers like you to communicate with Cracker Barrel directly. You may assist them in identifying their strengths and potential improvement areas by filling out the survey. Your opinions are much appreciated and will help Cracker Barrel improve customer satisfaction.

Only residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old are eligible to win survey rewards, and they can only enter once every week. It will only take a few minutes to seriously fill out the Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction survey, which might result in amazing prizes and help this well-liked brand keep its customers happy.

Steps To Take the Official Cracker Barrel Survey

If you want to increase your chances of winning the Cracker Barrel Survey, please follow the procedures below:

  • First, visit to access the survey.
  • Once you go to the site, you can select whether to complete the survey in Spanish or English.
  • The survey code, date, and time that are printed on your Cracker Barrel Survey receipt must be entered. This enables them to correlate your comments with your particular visit.
  • To start answering questions about your most recent Cracker Barrel meal, click the “Start” button.
  • Choose if you had takeout or delivery or ate at the restaurant.
  • You will be asked a number of questions regarding your most recent visit to Cracker Barrel in the survey. Make sure to include information about every facet of your experience, such as the staff’s service and the caliber of the cuisine.
  • You will be prompted to enter the monthly sweepstakes drawing toward the end of the survey. You have the option to accept admission or not.
  • Please answer “yes” to the question about entering the contest and include your contact details (name, email, phone number, etc.) so they may get in touch with you if you win. If you would rather not participate in the contest at all, you can do so.
  • Please make sure to submit the Cracker Barrel Survey after responding to all the questions and inputting your contact information if you’re entering the sweepstakes.
  • If you decide to enter the sweepstakes, Cracker Barrel will get in touch with you utilizing the information you submitted if you win a reward in the monthly drawing.
  • You’ll instantly be added to the ongoing monthly sweepstakes after completing and submitting the online customer satisfaction survey. A $100 Cracker Barrel gift card or one of their Cracker Barrel Rockers are given away by Cracker Barrel every month.

Cracker Barrel Survey Requirement

You will first want a receipt from your most recent Cracker Barrel visit. You’ll need to enter an access code on your receipt in order to start the survey, so be sure to keep this close at hand.

  • Additionally, you should budget five to ten minutes to answer the survey’s questions.
  • Locate a peaceful area where your computer, phone, or tablet can access dependable internet.
  • The survey website is mobile and desktop optimized.
  • Language proficiency in either Spanish or English is necessary because the survey is available in both languages. Select the option that you feel most at ease with.

Lastly, if you decide to opt in, you will need an email address to access the sweepstakes section. The winners will be contacted by email from Cracker Barrel.

As long as you possess your internet access code, Cracker Barrel receipt, and

When it comes to connection, time, language proficiency, and email, you should be ready to share your thoughts via the customer satisfaction survey.

How to take the Cracker Barrel Guest Survey by Phone?

  • The Cracker Barrel Survey can be completed over the phone at 800-467-0047.
  • You will be prompted to enter the access code, date, and time that are written on your most recent Cracker Barrel receipt via the automated system.
  • A number of survey questions regarding your most recent visit will be sent to you. Kindly share your honest thoughts about the cleanliness of the restaurant, the quality of the cuisine, the customer service, and your overall experience.
  • Having open discussions about ideas enables Cracker Barrel to see its strengths and areas for development.
  • You’ll be entered into the ongoing monthly sweepstakes with a chance to win either a $100 Cracker Barrel gift card or a vintage Cracker Barrel rocker after completing the quick phone poll.
  • It might just take a few minutes to finish the survey, which could result in a pleasant win and help Cracker Barrel maintain satisfied consumers.

Level up your Crackerbarrelsurvey $100 Gift Card Hunt!

Your name is Cracker Barrel, and $100 worth of delectable comfort food is waiting for you! However, how can you win that delicious reward? The key to increasing your chances of winning is as follows:

1. Join the Cracker Barrel Guest Survey Posse by subscribing to their mailing list on the survey’s webpage. This increases your chances of winning by placing you at the forefront of survey invites.

2. Establish Yourself as a Cracker Barrel Regular (But Not a Nuisance): Your chances of being chosen for a survey increase with each visit. But keep in mind that too much regular contact could cause friction with the personnel. To balance your taste buds with their comfort, find a happy medium.

Bonus Advice: Pay attention! Regularly check your mail and inbox for survey invitations. Keep that golden ticket from getting lost in the crumbled biscuits!

By using these tactics, you’ll have no trouble getting your Cracker Barrel award. Recall that this is not a sprint but a marathon. Thus, take it slow, savor the biscuits, and release your winning energy!

P.S. Remember that although these pointers may be useful, random selection is ultimately what determines the winner of any contest. But hey, you’re getting closer to that delicious triumph the more you attempt!

Need Cracker Barrel Survey contact details? Here’s How to Reach Them!

Pick Your Method:

  • Phone: Dial 800-333-9566 for speedy assistance. Mon-Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM CST.
  • Mail: Pen a letter and send it to Mail Cracker Barrel, 18151 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094, USA.
  • Chat: Head to the “Contact Us” page on their website ( and tap the chat icon for real-time help.
  • Survey: Share your feedback through the official online survey:


Although there are numerous reasons for Cracker Barrel’s success throughout the years, one of the most crucial ones is their dedication to client feedback. The Cracker Barrel Survey is a dialogue between the restaurant and its customers as much as a tool for gathering data. You are contributing to the future development of this cherished American institution by taking the time to complete the survey, in addition to expressing your opinions.

Please take a moment to complete the survey the next time you’re at Cracker Barrel eating a dish of country fried steak & gravy. Your opinion counts and has the power to improve Cracker Barrel even more for everyone.


  • How can I get in touch with Cracker Barrel?

Phone: Dial 800-333-9566 for friendly assistance (Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM CST).
Online: Click the chat icon on their website ( for real-time help.
Survey: Share your feedback through the official survey:
Mail: Pen a letter and send it to Mail Cracker Barrel, 18151 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094, USA.
Social Media: Tweet, post, or message them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@CrackerBarrel) for a quick reach.

  • What makes the Crackerbarrelsurvey Barrel experience so special?

It’s a symphony of things, not just a solo act:

Homey atmosphere: From the rocking chairs to the country store, it’s designed to feel like a warm welcome from an old friend.
Comfort food classics: Biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, and all the Southern staples that satisfy your soul.
Friendly service: Their warm smiles and genuine hospitality make you feel like family.
Value for your money: You get a heaping helping of good food and good vibes without breaking the bank.
Community spirit: Their commitment to local sourcing and supporting their communities adds a touch of heart.

  • What are the perks of being a Cracker Barrel employee?

They believe in taking care of their team, just like they take care of their guests:

Competitive pay and benefits: They offer stable wages, healthcare, and generous discounts on your favorite meals.
Career growth opportunities: From server to store manager, there’s room to climb the ladder.
Positive work environment: They emphasize teamwork, respect, and making work fun.
Sense of community: You’re part of a family serving families, creating genuine connections with co-workers and guests.
Discounts and perks: Enjoy sweet deals on meals, clothing, and other goodies in the Old Country Store.

Cracker Barrel isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. And whether you’re a guest or a team member, there’s something special waiting for you. So next time you visit, savor the food, soak in the atmosphere, and be a part of their story!

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