What Is The Price Of A Fishing License? (2023 Comparison Of All States)

Did you know that it’s illegal to go fishing without a fishing license? You probably want to know what a fishing license is and how much a fishing license costs if you’re here.

Licensing is a significant part of fishing. The angler must have a valid license before engaging in any fishing activity to be legal. To fish lawfully, you must have a fishing license. Every person required to have a right to fish, hunt, or trap must carry such a license.

price of fishing licenses list

This article will discuss the cost of licensing and the types of licenses worldwide, so you can better understand what you may want to purchase when traveling or planning your next fishing adventure.


What is a Fishing License?

A fishing license is an authorization that allows a person to fish for certain types of water-based sports. This includes the sport fishery, non-commercial fishing, and commercial fishing. It also authorizes the holder to buy and sell fish and bait for earlier purposes.

The government issued a type of license to allow commercial or recreational fishing to specific kinds of fish. These licenses are usually issued for a particular period, often year-round.

To obtain a fishing license, anglers must have the appropriate qualifications and experience and meet specific age requirements depending on their location.

There is no universal license type that exists throughout the world. Some locations have a single form of universal fishing license, while others have different types of licenses based on the kind of fishing you conduct. For example, some countries have recreational fishing licenses, and others have two – one for commercial and one for recreational.

Fishing License Types:

A fishing license determines what type of fishing you can do and the number of fish you can keep. There are a few different fishing licenses with other costs and requirements based on what fishing they allow. The type you require will be determined by several criteria, including where you reside and the kind of fishing you want to perform.

Fishing is subject to several rules and restrictions. A fishing license is required to fish lawfully.

Recreational Fishing License:

It is the license given to people who want to enjoy fishing for recreational purposes. Allows recreational anglers to catch any species within specified limits.

General Fishing License:

It is the most common type of fishing license, and it gives the individual the privilege to fish in all seasons without any limitations.

Commercial Fishing License:

This type of fishing license is usually determined by what you intend to catch with your boat or net, but it also includes catching crabs or lobsters that fall under this category. Grants access to specific waters with certain limits for catching fish for sale, including but not limited to shark or swordfish.

Freshwater Fishing Licenses :

State agencies issued these licenses and allowed the holder to fish anywhere within certain general geographical limitations.

Saltwater Fishing Licenses:

State agencies issued these licenses and allowed the holder to only fish in specific locations and saltwater areas. These are usually on coasts but can also be near bays and estuaries.

Sport Fishing License :

A sportfishing license is limited by state law and regulations to catch specific species with a certain limit.

Fishing License cost

A fishing permit, also known as an angling license, is a piece of paper that allows you to fish in a specific body of water. Fishing licenses are typically obtained from the state agency managing the given body of water.

A variety of factors determines the fishing license fee. There are different fees for annual and seasonal permits.

The cost can vary depending on how long you want your permit to be valid for, what size your boat is if you have a trout stamp or not, and whether you have annual or temporary access. A temporary permit is only valid for three months before it needs to be renewed, while a yearly license is valid until the following year’s harvest – meaning that you can use an annual permit all year round if you want.

A lot of people don’t know how much it costs to apply for a license, so we’re going to break down what that might look like if you were in the U.S. Top places-

Texas Fishing License cost:

The cost of Texas fishing licenses is determined by the type of license you purchase. The cost of a fishing license varies.

Fishing licenses are classified as either resident or non-resident, and the rates vary based on which class of license you apply for. For instance, if you want to apply for a fishing license in Texas, your application will be considered for a resident or non-resident classification.

>For Texas residents, the cost of a fishing license is-

  • The cost of an all-water fishing license is $11.00 per day and $40.00 per year.
  • Freshwater fishing licenses are $30.00 per year.
  • A saltwater fishing license will set you back $35.00 per year.

>For Taxes non-residents, The cost of a fishing license is-

  • The cost of an All Water Fishing License is $16.00 per day and $68.00 per year.
  • A freshwater fishing license will cost you at least $58.00 per year.
  • An annual saltwater fishing license is $63.00.

California fishing license cost:

A California fishing license is estimated as the cost of a fishing license in California, based on residency.

California, by contrast, has the highest fishing license cost in the country. This makes it necessary for Californians to travel outside of their state to participate in their favorite hobbies or earn cash.

>The cost of a fishing license for California residents-

  • 1-Day license: $17.02.
  • 2-Day permit: $26.49.
  • Annual pass: $52.66.

>The cost of a fishing license for California non-resident-

  • 1-Day license: $17.02.
  • A 2-Days permit is $26.49.
  • 10-Days license: $52.66.
  • Annual license: $142.05.

North Dakota fishing license cost:

In the summer, North Dakota is a fantastic spot to fly fish. The North Dakota fishing license is a way to protect the fishing grounds. Residents or non-residents can use the license for up to 16 years.

>The cost of a fishing license for North Dakota residents-

  • Fishing license (up to 16): $16.
  • Married couple fishing license: $22.
  • Senior citizen fishing license: $5.
  • Permanently disabled fashion license: $5.
  • Paddlefish: $5.

>The cost of a fishing license for North Dakota non-resident-

  • Individual season fishing: $45.
  • Married couple season fishing: $60.
  • Three-day fishing: $25.
  • Ten-day fishing: $35.

Virginia fishing license cost:

To apply for a fishing license, you must be 16 years old and have lived in Virginia for at least 90 days. You can also obtain one if you are adopted from the state and work as a commercial fisherperson there. Residents and non-residents alike must obtain a fishing license in Virginia.

>The cost of a fishing license for Virginia residents-

  • One-year license: $23.
  • Two years license: $44.
  • Three years licenses: $65.
  • Freshwater fishing license: $39.50.
  • Saltwater water fishing license: $17.50.

>The cost of a fishing license for Virginia non-resident-

  • One-day freshwater fishing license: $8.
  • Five days freshwater fishing licenses: $21.
  • Ten days saltwater fishing license: $10.

Alabama fishing license cost:

The person applying for this license must be at least 16 years old (or 14, if they are enrolled in high school). You will need valid photo identification and a copy of your hunting or fishing license from your home state.

>The cost of a fishing license for Alabama residents-

  • Annual license: $14.05.
  • Daily permit: $6.45.
  • Disabled license: $3.05.
  • Spearfishing license: $6.00.

>The cost of a fishing license for Alabama non-resident-

  • Annual license: $54-$66.
  • Seven-day trip license: $30-$32.
  • Family 3-day trip license: $30-$33.
  • Spearfishing license: $8.50.

South Carolina fishing license cost:

The cost of a fishing license varies in South Carolina, which differs according to a person’s age and residency.

>The price of a fishing license in South Carolina for residents-

  • The cost of a freshwater fishing license is $10 per year.
  • A freshwater fishing license for 14 days is $5.
  • A saltwater fishing license costs $15 a year.
  • A saltwater fishing license for fourteen days is $10.
  • Annual commercial freshwater license: $50.

>The cost of a fishing license for South Carolina non-resident-

  • A saltwater fishing license costs $75 a year.
  • A saltwater fishing license for seven days is $35.
  • A saltwater fishing license for a single day is $10.
  • The cost of a freshwater fishing license is $35 per year.
  • A freshwater fishing license for 14 days is $11.

Colorado fishing license cost:

Colorado Fishing License Cost is a mandatory fishing license required to fish in Colorado. Colorado has the fourth-highest license fee in the U.S.The cost of a Colorado fishing license varies depending on age and license type.

>The cost of a fishing license for Colorado residents-

  • Adult annual fishing license: $36.08.
  • Senior annual fishing license: $10.07.
  • One-day fishing license: $14.23.
  • Extra rod fishing license: $11.11.

>The cost of a fishing license for Colorado non-resident-

  • Adult annual fishing license: $100.57.
  • Five days fishing licenses: $32.95.
  • One-day fishing license: $17.35.
  • Extra rod fishing license: $11.11.

How Much Does A Fishing License Cost?

Every state in the United States charges a different amount for a fishing license. A yearly license costs $24.41 for residents and $56.65 for non-residents on average. If you’re looking for more information about your state, look at the table below, which includes information for all 50 states.

Fishing license Price list 2023 for all 50 states:

Which Is The Best Place To Buy A Fishing License?

The local Fish & Wildlife Department in your state is the best place to get a fishing license. You may go to their website to learn more about the various licenses that are available and how much each one costs. The best part is that their website generally allows you to buy online and have the license sent to you via mail.

If you’re in a hurry or want to purchase your license in person, another smart alternative is to head to your local Walmart or Cabela’s sports department, where you can get a fishing license for the same fee as you would at your state’s Fish & Wildlife authority. Finally, many tackle stores are approved sellers where you may get a fishing license.

Can You Get A Lifetime Fishing License?

In certain jurisdictions, you may receive a lifetime fishing license, but not in others, because each state has its own set of recreational fishing restrictions. In 32 states, a lifetime license is now available.

What States Have A Lifetime Fishing License?

In one form or another, the following 32 states provide a lifetime fishing license:

It’s vital to keep in mind that the details of who qualifies for a lifetime fishing license (as well as the cost of the license) might differ significantly between states.

The majority of states only provide citizens with a lifetime license (though some let you keep it, if you move away at a later date). Only four states (Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia) now grant non-residents a lifelong license.

How much does a lifetime fishing license cost?

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How much is a one-day fishing license?

Frequently asked questions:-

What does a youth need to do to fish legally?

The first thing a young angler should do is check with the state’s department of natural resources for a list of what kinds of fish they can catch and how many they can keep. Some conditions may allow only one type of fish, and others may allow two in their possession at any given time.

To fish legally, they will need to buy a fishing license and a stamp from the government’s website.

Is a license necessary to do fishing?

Licenses are required to fish in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Fishing licenses are available from the state or federal government.

Some fishing licenses are not required if you fish from a boat on a lake or river, if you fish from the shore of any body of water with no dam or weir at the mouth with no feeder stream, or if you fish in an area where fishing licenses are not required by law.

License is used to control the number of people who can be fishing in an area at one time and to identify who is feeling where.

Can You Get A Discounted Fishing License?

Yes, there are various methods to receive a cheap fishing license. It’s essential to note that the details vary by state, so we recommend checking the website of your local Fish & Game Department to see what fishing license discounts are available in your area.

In most states, the following persons are eligible for a reduced fishing license:

  • Veterans Seniors
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Military personnel who are currently deployed
  • Students
  • couples who are married

In addition, several states offer combo licenses that are less expensive than purchasing each license separately. Texas, Virginia, and Washington, for example, have saltwater/freshwater license combinations that are less expensive than purchasing each license alone. Similarly, several jurisdictions provide combinations that contain both hunting and fishing permits, allowing you to save even more money.

Finally, most states provide multi-year licenses, which are less expensive than renewing your license each year. Again, the specifics vary by state, so you’ll need to check with your local state officials to see what licensing reductions are available to you.

What State Has The Most Expensive Fishing License?

California has the most costly fishing license in the US, with an annual resident license costing $48.34 and a non-resident license costing $130.42. This is 98 percent more than the national average of all states for resident licenses, and 130 percent higher than the national average for non-resident licenses.

Is There A National Fishing License?

There is currently no national fishing license that covers the whole United States. If you wish to fish in more than one state, you’ll need to purchase a state license for each one separately.

A petition is now being circulated with the goal of gathering enough signatures to persuade the government to implement a national US fishing license that would include all states, but there is little indication that this will happen in the near future.

Can You Get A Multi-State Fishing License?

While there is no such thing as a multi-state fishing license, certain states have reciprocity agreements, which means that if you hold a fishing license from one of them, you can fish in the territorial waters of many others.

Anglers having a saltwater fishing license from Connecticut, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, for example, are allowed to fish in Massachusetts’ coastal waters, and there are numerous additional examples of reciprocity. Check out US Harbors’ guide for further information.

This is especially critical if you want to fish in New England’s coastal waterways, which are shared by many states. On a fishing excursion like that, you can find yourself fishing in three or four different states on the same day.

How much does a Fishing license cost?

The cost of fishing licenses varies depending on the type of license, as well as where you’re buying it from. The cost of the permit depends on your age. For example, for ages 16 to 60, The price of a digital license is determined by how long the period for the week lasts.

An annual resident fishing license is valid from April to March in the following year. It may be redeemed for 12 consecutive months on any day for that period or until it is surrendered or resold.

A fishing license fee allows someone to do fishing in a particular state or country. One person uses it and can be bought only after passing an exam at 16 or older.

How Much Is A Fishing License At Walmart?

A 50-cent processing fee is applied to the usual purchase of a state fishing license by Walmart. So, with a 50-cent processing charge, the cost of a fishing license at Walmart is about the same as it would be through your state’s Fish & Wildlife Department.

If you want to know how much you’ll have to pay for a license at your local Walmart, look at table 1 above, which includes all 50 states, and just add $0.50 to get the entire price.

It’s worth noting that the price you’ll pay is set by the state in which the Walmart shop is located. For example, if you want to buy a fishing license in Florida, you’ll pay the same amount as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (plus a $0.50 processing charge) at any Florida Walmart.

In most situations, Walmart also includes a little pamphlet with price information for the many types of licenses available (such as 1-day, 7-day, annual, etc.). This information is identical to that found on your local Fish & Game department’s website.

Does fishing license cost depend on age?

The cost of a fishing license for seniors varies in different states. Some states charge additional fees for the senior citizen’s fishing license, while others offer discounts. The price also changes depending on how long the permit would need to be used.

A fishing license may cost as much as $18 per year in certain states, while some states charge a maximum of $11 per year. The fishing license cost for seniors varies by state and age group. In some places, the price is meager than what it costs for a regular adult’s licensing fee.


A fishing license is an identification that proves you have the right to fish. In other words, a fishing license is a license that provides the authority to probe how much this license costs; it varies from state to state. Some states charge less, while some charge more.

So if you’re thinking about fishing or going out and trying it for the first time, then I hope this posting has given you some insight into whether or not you require a license.

Now that you know the value of the fishing license and how much it would cost you, I hope that you will legally buy one if you plan on fishing at any point. Just make sure that you protect yourself and stay safe out there. Have fun and happy fishing!

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