– Win $ 1000 – Take Zaxby’s Guest Survey – American fast-food chain Zaxby is well-known for its chicken-based menu items, which include sandwiches and wings. Make sure you save the receipt the next time you visit there for a chance to win $1000.


A customer satisfaction survey is carried out by Zaxby. It’s a short survey that just asks for your thoughts on various survey items. They also allow you to enter their sweepstakes as a way of saying thank you for your time and work. There are daily $1000 prizes and weekly $1500 prizes up for grabs in this competition.

Enter the Zaxby’s Guest Survey at to win $1,000.

But there are guidelines and conditions to follow in order to compete and win. We will cover all of that and more in detail in this essay. Take a look at the detailed instructions for finishing this survey as well.


Only Zaxby customers are eligible to participate in their online poll. It is employed to ascertain what the general public thinks of their goods. Survey responses are frequently a crucial component of decision-making. Customers also get an opportunity from it. You are welcome to make recommendations or remarks. It shouldn’t take you too long to complete the survey. Additionally, you have a brief window of opportunity to enter the sweepstakes.

In addition to the customer satisfaction survey, there are additional methods to enter the sweepstakes. To complete the survey, you must purchase a Zaxby and its receipt. It’s possible to use offline techniques without a purchase receipt. We’ll also talk about the mail participation method.

Zaxby’s Survey Rules and Requirements

Prepare to take part. Examine the prerequisites and qualifying standards.

  • You must have internet access on your PC or smartphone in order to access the online survey.
  • Next, in order to submit the survey code, you must have a legitimate Zaxby purchase receipt.
  • On the day of participation, you must be at least eighteen years old to enter the contest.
  • Additionally, clients who are lawful residents of Canada, the UK, or the US are welcome.
  • You are not eligible to enter the sweepstakes if you work for the sponsor.
  • Additionally ineligible is the immediate relatives of those workers.


Zaxby’s Survey Rules and Regulations

You can now decide whether or not to participate. Check out the guidelines to improve your chances of winning.

  • To take part in the survey, you must have a purchase receipt. There’s nowhere else to go.
  • There is no purchase necessary to enter a sweepstakes by phone or mail.
  • Your odds of winning are independent of any purchases you make because the drawing is entirely random.
  • You may only use a single way to enter each day.

How to Participate in Zaxby’s Survey

Step 1: Receive your purchase receipt along with a Zaxby’s survey invitation.

Step 2: Go to, the official Zaxbys survey website.

Step 3: You must enter the survey code and the date of completion on the survey’s first page.

visit, duration, and total amount spent.

Step4: At this point, the questionnaire will begin. Please share your honest thoughts regarding the product’s quality. You can also give the restaurant and staff ratings. You may also include a note explaining your rating. It is not required to answer this question.

Step 5: Following those inquiries, you’ll be asked if you’d like to enter the sweepstakes. You must input personal information such your name, email address, and phone number if you select “yes.” Next, give in.


Participation in Sweepstakes Without Receipt

By mail: Using a sheet, write, “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily/Weekly Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes.” Include your full name, address, phone number, and email address as well.

The mailing addresses are shown below.

  • Regarding the United States: c/o EMPATHICA DAILY/WEEKLY SWEEPSTAKES

c/o [Participant Name]

#40 at 511 Avenue of the Americas

NY, New York



c/o [Participant Name]

Argentia Road, Suite 200, 2121

Canada’s Mississauga, Ontario

L5N 2X4


c/o [Participant Name]

A single Victoria Square

UK’s Birmingham

B1 1DB

About Zaxbys

Tony Townley and childhood friends Zach McLeroy were inspired by a chicken finger chain to create Zaxbys. The restaurant’s original site was in Statesboro, Georgia, close to Georgia Southern University. There, many people enjoyed and were familiar with Zaxby’s chicken and Zax Sauce. As the company expanded, they established its first restaurant outside of Georgia in September 1994.


Myzaxbysvisit Menu

These are a some of their most well-liked menu offerings.

  • Let’s start with their specialty Chicken fingers and wings.

Chicken Fingers and Wings: Boneless Wings, Buffalo Chicken Fingers, and Buffalo Wings.

  • You can sample their dinners and sandwiches as well.

Sandwich options include grilled chicken, crispy chicken, chicken fingers, three nabblerz, zaxby’s club sandwich, and cajun club sandwich.

  • They also provide a variety of salads if you’re looking for something light and satisfying.

The House Zalad, the Cobb Zalad, the Caesar Zalad, and the Blue Zalad are the Big Zalads.

  • After your dinner, indulge in a small dessert.

Desserts: COOKIE and BROWNIE.

  • Don’t forget to sample the menu special.


  • For children, they also have a variety of possibilities.


Zaxby’s Customer Care and Support

Using FAQs is among the simplest ways to obtain assistance. From there, you can find the answers to most common queries. If the official website’s FAQs aren’t very helpful, you can provide comments using their feedback form.

There are other categories on the feedback form, such as dining experience at restaurants, internet ordering, and clothing. You are able to provide general feedback in the other section. A general comment could be a suggestion, compliment, or grievance. Selecting an option requires you to respond to a few related questions before writing your comments in fewer than 1200 characters. The feedback form is accessible in both Spanish and an accessible format.

The restaurant’s official website also has a store locator if you’d like to get in touch with them directly.

Lastly, Zaxby is available on a variety of social networking sites. They use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They reply as well if you message them directly through this link.

They are also available on YouTube.

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