North Carolina record hit

Jared Lambert has record red back legs
Jared Lambert has a new record red post with North Carolina.
Courtesy of North Carolina DMF

Red bottoms are common throughout the South Atlantic, Florida and the Caribbean. But they are relatively rare around North Carolina.

However, Wilmington’s Jared Lambert paddled a massive 7-pound, 11.2-ounce boat, and the North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries (DMF) has now officially classified his catch Certified as a state record. Lambert’s record red hind legs measure 23.06 inches in length and 23 inches in circumference — fat and long.

The tasty bottom fish hit the live needlefish bait, while Lambert used a 60-pound test line wound on a Penn 6/0 reel mounted on a Star bar.

Lambert’s 7lb 11.2oz catch surpassed the 2021 North Carolina record red deer catch of 7lb 1.6oz at Cape Lookout.

North Carolina’s new redback is caught near the Frying Pan Tower, located on the famous Frying Pan Shoal, known as a top bottom fishing spot for snapper, grouper and many other reef dwellers.

Frying Pan Shoals on Cape Fear is known for its hundreds of wreck reefs that have been passed down for generations and have attracted anglers to the area.

The red queen is a grouper that is often mistaken for other species, including the red snapper. While strong warriors and fork-end delicious, they are smaller than many other groupers and snappers.

The IGFA All-Tackle Redtail weighs 10 pounds, 9 ounces, and was caught by angler Roland Williams on September 13, 2021, near Jacksonville, Florida. This All-Tackle red back leg measures 26.5 inches long and has a circumference of 23 inches — not much larger than Lambert’s catch.

Lambert’s new North Carolina record red hind legs are less than 3 pounds less than the IGFA world record catch and a few inches shorter.

The IGFA only has the All-Tackle record category for the Red Queen. Interestingly, most of the post-red IGFA records come from Florida, with Georgia and Alabama each having only one IGFA record.

Large red-backed deer caught north of the extreme South Atlantic appear to be rare, and Lambert’s was just that.

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